Creative Mornings

Join Creative Mornings February 2, 2018 at Barley Swine for our very own Stephen Levy's presentation on Texas Contemporary design syle.

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What is Texas Contemporary?

Contemporary architecture should not be mistaken with modern architecture.  Contemporary architecture is the architecture of present day.  It is based on the desire and will to design buildings differently from both past and present times.  Contemporary architecture breaks away from outdated processes and old ways of thinking that have become standard.  It is innovative.  It is deliberate.  It is clean.  It is simple, yet elegant. 

Texas architecture has two primary influences – Spanish and Mexican.  Some of the first buildings in Texas were Spanish missions.  These missions introduced livestock, fruits/vegetables and industry to the Texas region.  It led to buildings taking on simple, utilitarian and agrarian forms.

Texas Contemporary merges the fundamental design principles of contemporary architecture and the historical elements of Texas architecture.  At LEVY Architects, we believe our work demonstrates the blend of these two styles.  Our work strives to reflect sustainability, simplicity and craftsmanship, while paying homage to Texas architecture.  We have defined it as Texas Contemporary.

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