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Exciting news here at LEVY!

LEVY family, friends and clients –

We are so thrilled to announce today two new appointments to LEVY that will greatly enhance not only our interior and creative services – but the betterment of our firm overall. Jill Pierce joins us today as Principal & Director of Interiors and Ryan Begley – who you all have come to know over the past three years – is now Principal and Director of Design & Creative Services. Together, these two join our leadership team to round out our full-service firm focused on cohesive and collaborative projects that embody LEVY’s signature Texas contemporary design.

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The Best Restaurant Architects in Austin

"The restaurant scene in the booming city of Austin is one of the most beloved in the country. The architecture of these spaces reflects that, in addition to a serious commitment to sustainability. Many of these architects use both the natural landscape and Texan elements in their designs. They also look to incorporate the original framework, local materials, and local artisans whenever possible. Community is integral to each of these architects’ purposes. The following list ranks the best restaurant architects in Austin. These are architects who specialize in creating sophisticated and open hospitality spaces, based on the needs and aspirations of the chefs and restaurant owners they collaborate with during the design process. Many have received awards or have worked on award-winning restaurants.

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SXSW Panel Picker "Critical Regionalism" - Cast Your Vote

Over the past 2000 years, less than 10 distinct architectural styles have been identified. However, new styles are finally beginning to emerge as a response to critical regionalism. This panel will bring together architects from across the country to look at how styles emerge as a reflection of place, and likewise how regional design can revitalize the aesthetic and culture of an area. We’ll debate where the practice is headed and how critical regionalism will shape the cities of the futur

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