LOCATION | Austin, Texas

SERVICES | Interiors

The main lobby, elevator bay, elevator cabs, security lobby, security desk, courtyard, and parking garage will all be updated with new designs and finishes. The design of the new lobby will feature lighter colors and reflective surfaces to brighten-up the existing dark space.

Keeping the existing floor tile provided, for budget reasons, was a challenge in creating a cohesive design. Wood elements and new lighting were strategically incorporated to balance the warm floor tile color with the new design.

The existing parking garage entry was simply utilitarian, dark, and difficult to navigate. To create a more welcoming, modern, and bright entry experience into the building we opened the space by demolishing the second level lobby footprint and designing a new feature stair that directs you to the building's main corridor. The new multi-level lobby space will be enclosed in a glass storefront system for instant visual impact in the parking garage and new light fixtures will match the interior renovations of the Chase Tower lobby.


The existing courtyard was a blighted area neglected by building tenants. Furniture was limited and the space was dominated by heavy, angular planter beds. Our approach to revitalize this communal area was to create a spatially open program, incorporate local art, and refresh the space with new landscaping. We designed a colorful installation that would feature an assortment of different vegetative densities along with a colorful art piece that would be painted by a local artist. The installation will cover the existing bland garage wall and provide a colorful atmosphere to the new courtyard.