NLAND Surf Park

Austin, Texas

The NLAND Surf Park was a comprehensive study in the implementation of new technologies, scale, and place making. The project guidelines consisted of designing a masterplan for present and future buildings that consist of a total of 13 buildings on a 159 acre site, incorporating sustainable water collection, coordinating the design and implementation of the new wave technology and preserving as much of the site as possible in regards to the landscape. The park itself is to be a new destination for surfers, where young and veteran surfers can test their skills on a precise wave in the middle of Texas.

While the main thing in the park is the wave machine and lagoon, the design team was tasked with creating an experience and a place for the people who venture out to an ex-longhorn pasture to surf. The design crafts a sense of place through shade, project-specific unique building elements, and careful relationships of buildings to the land, each other and to people.

The main gathering area of the park is the Overlook, which will include Ticketing and Guest Services, Retail, Café, Restaurant and Restrooms, with a tree-inspired canopy providing cool, dappled shade for eating, people watching and hanging out. The signature feature canopy is made with a lightweight steel design and covered with native flowering vines irrigated by rainwater collection and be carefully integrated with native trees for a continuous band of shade gathering all of the activities at the Overlook.





Master Plan & overlook plan

Canopy Section

On-Site Restaurant Concept