LEVY is an Austin, Texas-based architecture, interiors, and creative firm who is devoted to a thoughtful design approach that expresses the client’s needs and surroundings. Through a careful analysis of the site, space, light, and surrounding context, the craft of design is distilled into the art of place. We approach design with a team-based mentality, and we engage every client at all levels of design. Each project poses a unique set of opportunities that allow us to develop a creative solution to our client’s needs, intentions, and budget. The creation of high quality, individualized architecture within a limited budget requires a constant exploration of simple structural systems and the creative use of affordable new and off-the-shelf materials. Each project presents the opportunity to embrace the ambitions and needs of its users, a specific context, an exploration of conceptual and practical ideas, the use of natural light, and new technological and material applications.

We believe that great relationships are the foundation of great buildings. From the collaboration that takes place during the design-build phase to the client's experience within a finished space, LEVY brings a renewed focus to our clients and our craft. We work directly with every client, from general contractors to sole proprietors, to ensure the shared vision of a project becomes a shared success.

"Texas Contemporary"

Texas Contemporary merges the fundamental design principles of contemporary architecture and the historical elements of Texas architecture.  At LEVY, we believe our work demonstrates the blend of these two styles.  Our work strives to reflect sustainability, simplicity and craftsmanship, while paying homage to Texas architecture.  We have defined it as Texas Contemporary.