New Creative Department

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LEVY Architects is excited to announce that Ryan Begley has been named Creative Director of our new Creative Department.

Ryan will be responsible for leading the development of creative work including brand development in print, web, email, and more. He will help bridge architecture and interiors with creative strategies.

His previous work in both architectural design and photography have been published multiple times in magazines, such as DWELL and other publications. Ryan added, "LEVY Architects' diverse portfolio provides an exciting platform to build a new creative offering for our clients."


Architectural / Stock / Product / Event


Corporate Identity / Logo Design / Wayfinding / Collateral / Virtual Reality / Existing Brand Integration / Interior-Exterior Signage / Environmental / Property Marketing / Infographics / Maps / Renderings / Animations


Video Tours / Marketing Content / Drone Footage / Timelapses


Website Design (Mobile/Tablet) / Website Hosting Management / E-Commerce Integration / Content Strategy / Search Engine Optimization / Social Media Integration / Social Media Management / Newsletter Campaigns

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SXSW Panel Picker "Critical Regionalism" - Cast Your Vote

Critical Regionalism and the City of the Future

Over the past 2000 years, less than 10 distinct architectural styles have been identified. However, new styles are finally beginning to emerge as a response to critical regionalism. This panel will bring together architects from across the country to look at how styles emerge as a reflection of place, and likewise how regional design can revitalize the aesthetic and culture of an area. We’ll debate where the practice is headed and how critical regionalism will shape the cities of the future


Stephen Levy, President, LEVY Architects

Kirsten Murray, Principal/Owner, Olson Kundig

Wes Featherston,Principal/Owner, Process Architecture


  1. What has limited the number of architectural styles in the past, and what has shifted to cause new styles to finally emerge?
  2. What is critical regionalism, and how are architects using this approach to design today’s towns and cities? Does it foster local economic growth?
  3. How will architecture impact communities of the future? What is lost without long-term thinking for city design?


Ashley Kegley Whitehead, Partner, Buie & Co.