Palo Verde at Steiner Ranch

Austin, Texas

The building features a 34,000 SF flexible program that currently facilitates space for 8 retail units, 2 restaurants, and office space on the second level. The design incorporates a material palette that blends into the fabric of the Steiner Ranch community, located in northwest Austin, Texas. Exterior seating in the plaza is a great area for the tenants to host outdoor events or for families to relax while shopping. 







Environmental Signage

Brand Identity

Our creative team designed the brand identity for the project. Inspiration came from the Palo Verde tree. Native to Texas, the tree has a long blossoming period of beautiful yellow flower clusters. The logo features an organic silhouette of the Palo Verde tree while abstracting the blossoming period.

Our approach to creating environmental signage was to keep the forms simple, utilize materials present in the architecture, and introduce a dynamic lighted element that reveals the design at night. The lit frame expresses the yellow shape of the logo. Incorporating LEDs gives the owner flexibility in creating custom color schemes for special events. One such example was to use pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Logo Process.jpg